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You may have seen our strapline for the wedding fayres?

Excite - Inspire - Plan

Let us explain! As a wedding supplier attending one of our fayres, your job is to excite and inspire the couples that attend with the overall aim of securing the all-important booking, ideally before the end of the day by capturing the excitement of the event.

It can be frustrating to see a potential customer walk into a fayre, up and down the aisle, and out of the exit without having time or space to make a decision. It can be quite overwhelming for those attending their first fayre as they may not have much of a clue where to start. 

Having thought long and hard about this, at Promise Wedding Fayres, we believe that if we can get couples to stay longer at the event the better chance you will have at securing that booking, appointment, and hopefully a deposit.  To help you achieve this, at each of our fayres, we will have a dedicated area for attendees to sit down, have a cuppa (or glass of bubbly), and chat about all of the exciting things they’ve seen at the fayre.




Relax -Review – Book

The larger fayres will have ample space, however, where space is limited we will have approx. 4 to 5 tables set up.  In order to achieve this we have used up an area where a wedding supplier would have been as we hope the ‘investment’ will add to the overall atmosphere of the event and help us to help you achieve those goals.  As the bars are not typically open at a fayre this will be an added expense to us as an event organiser to cover the cost of a member of the staff from the venue to man the bar. 

In order to make this work we would like you to mention The Bridal Bar to those who you meet on the day, allowing them to ‘have a think’ about what you’ve discussed /presented to them or check diaries to book those appointments. 

It would also help if you were to have ‘on the day’ offers or incentives available to entice the couples to want to make the booking before the end of the event.  If you do, please let me know in advance as I can potentially use this in the promotional social media posts and pre-event emails.

As we navigate through the first few fayres as Promise Wedding Fayres it would be very useful to receive feedback on whether or not this has been or will be useful to you and/or ways in which it could be improved. 

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